User Friendly Billing Software Suitable for Any Business

•    Latest Technology - Online & Offline Versions
•    Access from any Computer / Mobile devices
•    Use Real-time  from different Locations
•    Customize as per your requirement
•    Barcode,  GST Returns, SMS Alerts & Accounting
•    Sales, Purchase, Stock, other Business Reports
•    Mobile App, Web Portal


E-Audit system is Robust shopfloor Device Application which Audits the Vehicle / Product on its Dispatch audit check points
•    Points model based using Mobility devices

eKan Ban System
Kan Ban system minises the gap between stock and Floor. It assure the availability of material on Shop floor

Sheet Metal Cutting System
Sheet metal Application cuts the Metals sheet with more Accurate, Efficient and maximum cut in Sheet

Mistake Proofing System
Manages the mistake proofing of any process / assembly
•    Tracking
•    Validating
•    Alert
•    Analytics

Asset / Warehouse Management System
Manages the Stock of Finished Goods & Parts
•    Tracking
•    FIFO
•    Multilocation Mobility
•    Physical Stock


Utility Payment System
Daily House house bill payment system Which includes
•    Electricity Bill payment
•    Telephone bill payment
•    Insurance Premium
•    Mobile Recharges
•    DTH Recharges
•    Gas, Pospaid Bills and many more..

SMS & Miss Call Mobile Banking
 Mobile Banking from any phone
•    Balance Check
•    Mini Statement
•    Cheque Inquiry
•    Cheque Book Request
•    Email, Stop Cheque, Block Card Request
•    Funds Transferand many more..


Inward Outward System
Inward outward Management system is Complete Documentation Solution
•    Flow of Document
•    With date
•    Scan copy

Visitor Management System
 Visitor management system is Security office system which manages all the Visitor record and details. Each time a new visitor visits New ID Card id printed using the digital camera and access can be monitores
•    Employee
•    Contractor
•    Vendor
•    Material Vehicle
•    Visitor Vehicle

TRUST / NGO System

Trust Management system
Trust management is an Online web automated system of daily trust routine work which includes.
•    Trust Accounting
•    Asset Management
•    Reports
•    Voucher
•    Receipts etc..



E commerce Online Shopping
A complete ecommerce solution Site which Includes
•    Product Display
•    Features
•    Discount
•    Shopping Cart
•    Product Status
•    Product Review
•    Discount Coupon
•    Online Payment
•    Newsletters
•    Currency Options
•    Sales Report  etc.

Product Comparison Feeds Integration
 Online Shopping Website with Product comparison Feature
•    Compare Product Specifications
•    Compare Price
•    Compare Vendors
•    Affiliate Products


Library Management System
Library Management system is a full-fledged Library management system which includes all the Daily activities in library Book Check In Check out, Member Records, Library account, Books Record Issued/Available, Search Book Etc



School Cluster
School Cluster is a grouping the School into one Network
•    Separate login for every school
•    Separate Page for every school
•    Daily Attendance
•    Daily Thought
•    Daily News
•    Shared/Issued Document
•    Results
•    Poll
•    Notice
•    Video Conferences etc..

e-Learning System
E-learning is a complete online learning system
•    Subject wise
•    Age
•    General Knowledge
•    Standard


Hotel Online Room Booking system
Provides a powerful room booking and reservation it has been designed and created with the input of hoteliers to ensure that our hotel booking system completely meets the needs of accommodation owners.
•    Check Availability of Rooms – Dates, Persons, Room type
•    Online Rooms Booking & Payment
•    Payment gateway like HDFC, CCAvenue, Paypal , Credit cards etc
•    Rooms Inventory management
•    Hotel Blog
•    Newsletter
•    Testimonial
•    Hotel Gallery
•    Dicount Coupon Codes  etc.


Hospital Management System
Hospital management system Manages all the activiteies in Hospital
•    Patient Billing
•    Inventory management
•    Patient record Management
•    Utilities managent(ICU, X-ray etc)
•    Reports


Club Management System
System is a complete web enabled smart solution for clubs offering complete operational management of routine activities, relating to staff and club members Login
•    Dashboard Display system
•    Members Poll
•    Internal Inbox Messaging
•    Upcoming Public and Private Events
•    Club Asset Booking
•    Material Approval system
•    Members Due Alert
•    Paid advertisement etc..


eNEWSPAPER Management System
System is a complete web enabled smart solution for newspaper media house's offering complete operational management of routine activities, relating to news content and advertising
•    ePaper Display system
•    News Feed
•    eAdvertising Managment
•    Viewership Data Analytics
•    Content Managment
•    Alerts, Polls, Quiz, Games
•    Mobile & Web Apps
•    News Automation

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